Why Choose ICNH

All courses have as their underlying philosophy the concept that Nature provides the tools for healing; the aim of natural therapies being to strive to stimulate the body's own healing energies using these tools of nature.


Location may vary to different Ontario locations depending on the course and program.


Educational Standards:

The education offered at ICNH-TCM is of the highest accredited standards, with one of the most comprehensive natural medicine programs in Canada. Smaller in class sizes allow for close interaction between teachers and students and are excellent facilities for students.

Natural Therapy Library:

Students are encouraged to browse through our extensive library, which contains both traditional texts and up-to-date references. Our wide range of books are categorized into subject topics including Acupuncture, Herbal Medicine, Nutrition, Homeopathy, Body Work, Medical Sciences, as well as general interest topics such as Spirituality and Ancient Mysticism.


The School’s well-equipped Dispensary is our pride and joy, containing fluid herbal extracts, Homeopathics and Natural Supplements.

Our Dispensary stocks a very wide range of ‘Practitioner-Only’ supplements that are available at very competitive prices.


Online courses at ICNH-TCM operate under an Open University style system, giving students flexibility in planning their study to suit their lifestyle and work schedule. A wide variety of courses are offered for designated qualifications and/or for general interest or personal growth.

To assist students who have work commitments, onsite lectures are held on weekends whenever possible.

It is recommended that prospective students make an appointment with the Registrar. He will assist you in planning an individual study program based on your interests.

Online and Distance Education:

ICNH-TCM offers Certificate courses in Aromatherapy, Dark Field Microscopy and Reflexology.  

ICNH-TCM offers Diploma programs in Herbal Medicine, Orthomolecular Nutrition and Natural Medicine. The basic medical sciences - Biochemistry, Medical Terminology and Anatomy & Physiology, can also be completed online. Please contact Administration for further information if you are interested in any of these courses.

Professional Classroom and Clinic Training:

ICNH-TCM offers Diploma programs in TCM Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine in a classroom and clinic environment.   Our professional classroom and clinic training provides students with invaluable experience assessing patients under the supervision of experienced practitioners and instructors. Clinical training in combination with classroom instruction is an integral part of professional training. Members of the public also benefit from access to natural health care at a substantially lower cost than normal.


Fees are payable in advance before the commencement of each program and/or module. All fees are subject to change, generally on an annual basis. Fees are payable in full once a student has commenced a module unless other financial arrangements have been made in advance of start date. 5 month or 10 month payment plans are available through the school and longer terms are available through special arrangements with the Registrar.

Refunds are outlined in detail in the Student Policies and Procedures manual.

All Diploma programs require a $500.00 non-refundable deposit/registration fee in order to secure a classroom spot. T2202A educational tax receipts are given for all courses and programs longer than 16 hours.

Course Alterations:

ICNH-TCM reserves the right to change the content, instructors or timetables of any course. Students will be advised of any changes that may be made as a result of changing accreditation standards. Should changes in curriculum occur, students enrolled in those courses will be required to follow the amended curriculum to receive their Certificate or Diploma.

All fees are subject to change, generally on an annual basis.