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Traditional Chinese Medicine Acupuncture Diploma Program

Diploma Code: TCM 100
Title: Diploma in Traditional Chinese Medicine Acupuncture
Tuition (CAD): 32000.00

Duration: 3 years
Next Start: TBA
Class Time: 8 am to 6 pm
Location: Brooklin

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Traditional Chinese Medicine Acupuncture Diploma Program is In Accordance with Ontario Traditional Chinese Medicine Act, 2006 Last Amendment: O. Reg. 27/13 (www.ontario.ca/laws/regulation/130027) Registration requirements:

O.Reg. 27/13, ss.9. (1) (ii) Traditional Chinese Medicine Acupuncture Program:

  1. of at least three (3) years of full-time education or education that is of equivalent duration.

O.Reg. 27/13, s. 1. - Definition: "Full-time education" means a program of study that annually consists of at least 480 hours of classroom theoretical instruction or at least 620 hours of practical instruction or some combination of the two where, for every hour of classroom theoretical instruction that is less than 480 hours there must be a corresponding increase of 1.3 hours in the number of hours of practical instruction.

O.Reg. 27/13, ss. 9 (2): Successful completion of a program of clinical experience in the profession that is structured, comprehensive, supervised and evaluated and which consists of at least 45 weeks of clinical experience involving at least 500 hours of direct patient contact.

Acupuncture Theoretical Classroom

Term 1

  • Jurisprudence Manual
  • Safety Manual
  • Health Intake form, informed consent, Hung-Di-Nei Jing, classical texts, Chairman Mao, Barefoot Doctor Program, needles
  • Case study sheets, measurement cun, Qi, levels of Qi, yin & yang
  • Prohibited points, dangerous points, contraindications, complications, types of needles, basic needling technique, holding, inserting, angles

Term 2

  • Basic Protocol, Homework (read Clean Needle Technique)
  • Clean Needle Technique
  • Needle concept (depth, frequency and duration of needling)
  • Pain gate theory, 12 organ channels
  • 6 Yin channels, conception vessel
  • 6 yang channels, governing vessel
  • The great law of Zang Fu, Distal points

Term 3

  • Needling distal points and standard protocol, Homework (Review jingwells, Xi Cleft)
  • Jingwell points, Xi Cleft points
  • Review of all channels, Extraordinary channels and Xi Cleft, jingwells, Homework (Review Yuan source & Luo connecting)
  • Yuan Source & Luo connecting
  • Needle Yuan Source and Luo connecting points, Learn palpation technique for vital Organs, and abdominal points
  • Needle Conception vessel and Governing vessel points, Homework (read 5 -element law)
  • Five Element law, cycles, Test on Laws
  • Mother and son Law

Term 4

  • Horary Point, Jet Lag protocol 
  • review needling and palpation technique re vital organs and abdominal points.
  • Alarm points and Back Shu points
  • Initiate charts related to all teachings so far
  • Physiological points and Influential points
  • Needle Physiological points and Influential points
  • Symptomatic points
  • Needle Symptomatic points
  • Specific Points

Term 5

  • Needle specific points
  • The great Law of Bu Shi, The Husband and Wife law, Principals of point selection
  • Pulse Diagnosis
  • Tongue Diagnosis
  • The eight principles interior and exterior deficiency and excess, cold & heat, Yin & Yang
  • Fundamental Substances, Qi, Shen, Fluids
  • Six Evils, wind, cold, heat, damp, dryness
  • Five emotions, review Tongue and Pulse

Term 6

  • Pathologies, headaches, sinus, eye disorders
  • Case study form, Pathologies, Facial, Tinnitus, stiff neck, shoulders
  • Review Pathologies, golfer’s/tennis elbow
  • Pathologies gastritis, constipation, diarrhea, irregular menstruation, impotence
  • Pathologies full back with radiating sciatic, hip, knees
  • Pathologies Achilles Tendonitis, Planter Fasciitis
  • Pathologies, full review
  • Auricular Acupuncture
  • Auricular Scalp
  • Cosmetic Acupuncture
  • Ten’s unit, Cupping
  • Moxibustion
  • Tuina
  • Final Exam

Traditional Chinese Medicine Theoretical Classroom:

TCM Module 1: Introduction of Concepts:

  • Origin of TCM
  • Yin and Yang – Syndromes
  • Six Environmental Factors
  • Five Emotional Factors/ 7 Emotions
  • Miscellaneous Factors
  • The Law of the Motion of the Five Elements
  • Theory of Qi, Xue, and Jin and Ye
  • The Eight Principles
  • The Four Interior Syndromes
  • The Nature of Excess and Deficiency
  • Differentiation between Cold and Heat Syndromes
  • Chinese Medicine and Cosmology
  • TCM Diagnosis/Inspection/Auscultation and Olfaction/Inquiry/Palpation, Tongue, Pulse

TCM Module 2: Zang Fu Differentiation of Syndromes

  • Common Symptoms of Zang Fu
  • Heart and Small Intestine (9 syndromes)
  • Lung and Large Intestine (10 syndromes)
  • Spleen and Stomach (9 syndromes)
  • Liver and Gall Bladder 97 syndromes)
  • Kidney and urinary Bladder (6 syndromes)

TCM Module 3: Herbal Categories

  • Warm/Release the Surface
  • Cool/release the Surface
  • Clear Heat
  • Clear Heat/Detoxity
  • Clear Summer Heat
  • Purgatives
  • Moist Laxatives
  • Relieve Food Stagnation
  • Cool Blood
  • Dispel Wind-dampness
  • Stop Bleeding
  • Tonify Blood
  • Nourish the Heart/Calm the Spirit
  • Transform Cold Phlegm
  • Relieve Cough
  • Transform Hot Phlegm
  • Drain Dampness
  • Regulate Qi
  • Tonify Qi
  • Tonify Yang
  • Aromatic Open Orifices
  • Tonify Yin
  • Warm the Interior
  • Settle the Spirit
  • Move Blood
  • Astringents
  • Extinguish Wind

TCM Module 4: Herbal Formulas

  • Exterior Wind Cold
  • Exterior Wind Heat
  • Tonify Qi
  • Tonify Yin
  • Tonify Yang
  • Tonify Blood
  • Tonify Qi and Blood
  • Regulate Qi
  • Promote Circulation
  • Stop Bleeding
  • Harmonize
  • Eliminate Phlegm/Dry Dampness resolve Phlegm
  • Expel Damp
  • Astringe Fluids
  • Astringe Intestines, Stop Leakage
  • Astringe the Jing control Enuresis and emission
  • Settle the Spirit
  • Warm the Interior
  • Expel wind
  • Food Stagnation
  • Purgatives Cold/Warm/The Moisten Lung
  • Clear heat

TCM Module 5: Tuina

  • Introduction to Tuina
  • History of Tuina
  • The Energetics of Tuina Manipulation
  • Prerequisites of Tuina Practice
  • Tuina Practice
  • Contraindications of Tuina Massage
  • Mediums used for Tuina
  • Tuina Manipulations (20 movements)
  • Simple Tuina Protocols for Various Syndromes
    1. Wind Cold
    2. Wind Heat
    3. Head-ache
    4. Insomnia
    5. Diarrhea
    6. Constipation
    7. Stiff Neck
    8. Lower Back Pain

TCM Module 6: Internal Medicine

  • Pain
  • Headache
  • Insomnia
  • Somnolence
  • Tinnitus/Deafness
  • Bi-Syndrome
  • Lower Back Pain

TCM Module 7: Internal Medicine

  • Abdominal Pain
  • Hypertension
  • Depression
  • Diabetes

TCM Module 8: Internal Medicine

  • Palpitations
  • Chest Pain
  • Diarrhea
  • Dysentery Disorder
  • Constipation
  • Chronic Fatigue
  • Dizziness

TCM Module 9: Internal Medicine

  • Five Element Acupuncture in practice
  • The Right and Left Sides of Body
  • Syncope
  • Wind Stroke
  • Detoxification
  • Herbal Category review
  • Clinical Practice

TCM Module 10: Gynecology

  • PMS
  • Amenorrhea
  • Metoraghia
  • Dismorhia
  • Endometriosis

TCM Module 11: Infertility

  • Sterility in women
  • Sterility in men
  • Differentiations for Infertility
  • Treatment
  • Foods and Herbs
  • Miscarriage and Preventions

TCM Module 12:  Bi Syndrome

  • Pain
  • Inflammation 
  • Arthritis  
  • RA   
  • MS
  • Fibromyalgia

TCM Module 13:  - Emotions and Disease

  • anger
  • overjoy
  • worry
  • grief
  • fear


TCM Module 14:   Skin Diseases

  • Acne
  • Psoriasis
  • Eczcema
  • Dry skin
  • skin rash
  • allergy


TCM Module 15:  Skin Diseases

  • Furuncle       
  • Carbuncle
  • Warts
  • Rosecea 
  • Skin Ulcer


TCM Module 16:  Cancers + Review

  • Types of Cancer
  • Guidelines
  • Treatment during and after Chemotherapy
  • Wellness
  • Review


TCM Module 17:   Chart Review 

  • Four Yin and Yang Relationships
  • Heaven and Earth
  • Three Types of Essence
  • Eight Principles
  • Different Types of Qi/Directions
  • Function of Qi











  • Full attendance at all in class practical course sessions
  • Completion of required reading assignments and essays
  • Satisfactory completion of case studies and dissertation
  • A passing grade of 70% or higher on the final theory and practical examinations



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Books Supplemental (7)
Title: Quick & Easy Medical Terminology, 8th Edition
Author: Peggy C. Leonard, MT, MEd
ISBN: 978-0323-3592-07
Type: Printed
Price (CAD): 86.95

Description: Textbook goes with course MED 101S bought separately, found under certificate courses.

Make learning medical terminology faster and more fun with Quick & Easy Medical Terminology, 6th Edition! Featuring CDs with interactive games and audio pronunciations, this book helps you begin reading, writing, and speaking medical terms in the shortest time possible. Small chunks of information are always followed immediately by exercises, so students will be learning "every minute!" The many puzzles, activities, and games make it easier to understand and remember terminology. Written in a clear, conversational style by Peggy C. Leonard, MT, MEd, this book gives you the tools to communicate effectively in the health care environment.

April 2010 • Approx. 448 pp., 175 illus. •
Title: Clinical Acupuncture
Author: Anton Jayasuriya
Type: Printed
Price (CAD): 73.00

Description: Years of clinical practice have positively identified that acupuncture has a definite place in the health care of people throughout the world. It can be integrated successfully with modern medical practice. In properly trained hands it is inexpensive, harmless - but essentially effective over a large range of common disorders.

The new edition flowing from the voluminous and seemingly never-ending pen of Professor Anton Jayasuriya, is a further meaningful step in keeping students of this ancient art up to date with clear, concise information which shoud help them develop, with time, as well-qualified acupuncturists.
Title: Clean Needle Technique: A Manual for Acupuncturists
Author: Jenny Belluomini, MSN, NP, LAc
Type: Ebook
Price (CAD): 15.00

Description: This book is intended as a manual for students and practitioners of acupuncture, and as a textbook for courses of clean needle technique. Every effort has been made in this manual to elucidate aseptic technique based on the highest standards of practice and to explain the rationale for the recommendations made by the author. The student should be aware that specific procedures for needle insertion recommended by licensure and certification exams may vary from the content of this manual.
Title: Tui Na A manual of Chinese massage therapy
Author: Sarah Pritchard
ISBN: 978-0-443-06903-1
Type: Printed
Price (CAD): 79.95

Description: ui na: A manual of Chinese massage therapy is a comprehensive handbook for the 21st century student and practitioner of Tui na working in the West.

The book describes the roots and development of Tui na, how it works therapeutically within the context of Chinese medicine and how to become an effective Tui na practitioner.
It contains detailed descriptions of Tui na techniques, how to practice them, their clinical applications and therapeutic effects. Foundation area routines are provided to aid the development and fluidity of manual skills and to give an initial structure for building treatments.

The book has a unique approach to creating and planning Tui na treatments. Avoiding the prescriptive approach usually employed, Sarah Pritchard discusses the principles of practice and enables the student practitioner to make choices and formulate treatments by bringing together their knowledge and skills. Frameworks are provided, and techniques, methods and approaches suggested for presenting patterns of disharmony within the treatment of common ailments.
Title: Shen Psycho-Emotional Aspects of Chinese Medicine
Author: Elisa Rossi, MD, PhD, BA
ISBN: 978-0-443-10181-6
Type: Printed
Price (CAD): 83.95

Description: SHEN: PSYCHO-EMOTIONAL ASPECTS OF CHINESE MEDICINE fully explains how the emotional, mental, and physical elements of Chinese Medicine in illness are an extremely effective therapy in dealing with cases where the alterations of the shen are both obvious and subtle. The book focuses on the psycho-spiritual aspects of patient's conditions and is purposely constructed to facilitate practitioners' formulations of diagnosis and treatment. It reflects throughout on the patient-practitioner relationship, resources, and various characteristics, inherent problems and qualities of acupuncture.
Title: Treatment of Infertility with Chinese Medicine
Author: Jane Lyttleton
ISBN: 978-0-443-06640-5
Type: Printed
Price (CAD): 96.95

Description: Providing a clear understanding of infertility, this practical resource analyzes and describes the diagnoses and treatment of infertility — both male and female — with Chinese medicine. It includes Western medical information with explanations of physiology, reproductive biology, and modern infertility treatments to expand the understanding of patient options. Content discusses all aspects of achieving a successful pregnancy, including pre-conception care, conception, pregnancy and miscarriage, and modern medical treatments.
Title: Pictorial Atlas of Acupuncture
Author: Lian, Yu-Lin, Chen, Dr. Chu-Yan
Type: Printed
Price (CAD): 45.00

Description: Hardcover
An illustrated Manual of Acupuncture Points