Policies and Procedures - Student Manual

International College of Natural Health
and Traditional Chinese Medicine

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Policies and Procedures - Student Manual


The Student Manual of The International College of Natural Health and Traditional Chinese Medicine (ICNH-TCM) is published to provide Students  and the public with information about the educational programs and policies of the College. Students are  responsible for reading, understanding and following all policies and information contained herein. All contents are  subject to change by the College authorities without notice.

Our Mission

Welcome to The International College of Natural Health and Traditional Chinese Medicine, or ICNH-TCM. ICNH-TCM offers personal and professional training in the Healing Arts and Sciences. In addition, our Distance Education Programs provide cutting edge learning in your own home. All courses have as their underlying philosophy the concept that Nature provides the tools for healing. Natural therapies strive to stimulate the body’s own healing energies using these tools of nature. ICNH-TCM combines the latest scientific research and technology with ageless truths practiced by historical tried and proven methods. We invite you to discover a wonderful, natural  world of holistic health therapies.

Our Purpose is to help YOU fulfill YOURS!

The International College of Natural Health and Traditional Chinese Medicine (ICNH-TCM) is built on a firm foundation; synergistically blending the rigor of medical science with the time tested power of complementary and integrated therapies. Every teacher at ICNH-TCM has been hand picked for their ability to blend both the science and art of healing. Each course is designed to provide students with practical  knowledge and experience in healing using real world tools, and the consciousness to appreciate the metaphysical tools our souls provide.

ICNH-TCM is dedicated to serving students who care about themselves and the lives of others.  Students may be seeking greater awareness or healthier wholeness for themselves or a loved  one.They may wish to gain a professional designation to open a practice. Perhaps they see themselves becoming spiritual coaches. At ICNH-TCM we combine the sciences of the body with the art of the mind and the passion of the soul.

Our purpose is to allow students to learn what they feel drawn to and pick from a  multidisciplinary array of choices offered in a variety of formats, from self study to classroom clinic. When choosing courses to help you fulfill your life purpose, we suggest you do what we did in creating ICNH-TCM; Engage Your Mind, Body, Heart, and Soul!

Courses at ICNH-TCM operate under an Open University style system, giving students the flexibility to plan their study to suit their lifestyle. A wide variety of courses are offered, from Diploma programs for professional qualifications to courses for general interest and personal growth. For those who are unable to take time from their careers and families for on campus study, portions of most courses may be learned at home through our Distance Education Programs combined practical hands-on training for completion. And to assist students who have work commitments, lectures are held wherever possible in the evenings or during weekends.

It is recommended that prospective students make an appointment with the Registrar for  assistance in planning their individual study program. Whether students envision a career as a professional Acupuncturist or Quantum Biofeedback practitioner, or prefer to learn the art and science of health care for personal enjoyment,our aim is to provide quality education. Our professional programs are recognized and accredited at Provincial, Federal and International levels assuring students of the highest course standards.

Training is provided by qualified expert Registered Instructors who are also successful practicing therapists. Smaller class sizes allow for close interaction between teachers and students. Individual learning needs are recognized and learning tailored to each student.