Orthomolecular Nutrition - The Medicine Of The Future Is Here

Dr James Meschino DC, MS, ND

Emerging scientific research has produced compelling evidence that nutrition practices, exercise, lifestyle factors, and the use of specific nutritional supplements can significantly influence the rate of biological aging, genetic expression, and the development, prevention or postponement of many degenerative diseases. Furthermore, certain natural interventions (including the use of nutritional supplements) have been shown to help better manage many existing degenerative conditions, slow the progression of many chronic disorders and diseases and improve quality of life for afflicted individuals, as well as provide effective complementary support for many other health problems.

The Orthomolecular Nutrition program offered by ICNH provides students and health practitioners with scientifically-based information from which to make safe and effective decisions regarding the use of nutritional supplements, and related lifestyle modifications.

Overall, this program provides an evidence-based approach to the use of nutrition, supplementation, and exercise, as they impact the aging process and the ability to prevent and manage common heath conditions. Emphasis on biochemical and physiological pathways that are intimately involved with aging and the disease process are highlighted in order to provide participants with an in-depth understanding of how various nutrients and exercise participation influences the aging and disease process on a cellular and molecular level.

This program empowers participants to make evidence-based clinical decisions in regards to the use of dietary interventions, supplementation, and exercise recommendations on a patient by-patient basis, factoring in contra-indications, drug-nutrient interactions and co-morbidity issues. In short, this program provides you with a solid foundation in evidence-based orthomolecular nutrition, delivering relevant information that will strongly enable you to make safe and effective clinical decisions in your patient and client management.


Use of nutritional supplements is now a common practice in modern society due to a convergence of scientific support, government initiatives, consumer awareness, and education of health practitioners. This trend continues to escalate with every passing year as more and more consumers and health practitioners become familiar with the scientific evidence to support this practice as it impacts human health and disease. It is the responsibility of each health practitioner to acquire solid foundation in this important area of health management. The Orthomolecular Nutrition program offered at ICNH provides you with a comprehensive, integrative approach to this important subject, enabling you to deliver the medicine of the future today