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Esthetics and Massotherapy Diploma Program

Diploma Code: MST 100
Title: Diploma in Esthetics and Massotherapy
Tuition (CAD): 3565.00

Duration: 1 Year
Next Start: Home Study & Classroom
Class Time: TBD
Location: Brooklin


This course covers several subjects to broaden the students knowledge to become a thoroughly rounded wholistic Esthetician and Massotherapist. 


The Course covers the following Subjects:

  • Science of Chemistry
  • Matter & Energy
  • Biology
  • Medical Botany
  • Topographical Anatomy
  • Germ Theory of Disease
  • Healthology Study Guides
  • General Dermology
  • Lymphatic System
  • Hair and Scalp Disorders
  • Muscles and Postural Patterns
  • Vital Energy (Ch'i) and its disorders
  • Nail Structures

Massotherapy is therapeutic body massage.  Safe, gentle micro-current is used with colour, light, sound and gems to relax  muscles and relieve stress and reduce pain. 

Students are taught to use various instuments and massage creams, lotions, and oils.   As well use of homeopathic gels infused with gems and essential oils is taught.

Extensive knowledge of Traditional Chinese Medicine theories are taught so that the student has a full understanding of how both western and eastern medicine are integrated.  

  • A  passing grade of 70% or higher on the final theory and practical examinations
  • Completion of required reading assignments, tests and essays
  • Satisfactory completion of 20 case studies and 2500 word dissertation on one successful case study

  • High School Diploma
  • Read, write and speak English
  • Registered/licensed health practitioners may receive exemption from parts of this program providing a transcript from a registered educational institution is sent to ICNH-TCM in advance of registration.

Courses (7)
ID Course Code Title Tuition (CAD) Duration Primary Teacher
29 ARO 103 Raindrop Aromatherapy Massage 250.00 1 Day Weekend Paul Henderson
147 MST 104 Lymph Drainage 1295.00 5 Day Onsite on Weekends Paul Henderson
56 APP 101C Anatomy and Physiology Essentials 295.00 Home Study Home Study
57 MED 101C Medical Terminology 140.00 Home Study Home Study
150 MST 102 Wholistic Esthetics Fundamentals 195.00 Home Study Home Study
115 RFL 102 Reflexology for Holistic Therapists 195.00 Home Study + DVD Home Study
131 MST 105 Medical Spa Therapy Jade and Derma Ray Facial and Body Therapeutics 795.00 2 Day Weekend Paul Henderson
Books Required (9)
Title: The Taste Test Diet
Author: Prof.(Dr. of Med.) Charles McWilliams
Type: Printed
Price (CAD): 27.87

Description: The Taste Test Diet is an Esthetic Method to awaken your tastes and improve your diet naturally. The Taste Test Diet studies new ways of seeing and of perceiving the world; bringing better health to individuals. By improving your tastes, you will naturally gravitate to more wholesome, healthful foods while you lose your appetite for what has caused your weight gain.
Title: The Ten Dimensions of Homeopathic Medicines
Author: Prof.(Dr. of Med.) Charles McWilliams
Type: Printed
Price (CAD): 38.85

Description: "Homeo" comes from Greek word and means "similar" or "like". "Therapeutics" also comes from Greek, meaning "treatment of disease." Thus Homeotherapeutics comprises the treatment of disease by using similar or like means, which has a, heretofore, unrecognized dual aspect. This book willl be concerned with not only classical Homeopathy with its historical evolution, but its scientific explanations and developments, brought forward by the whole process which developed from the revolution in thinking. What grew out of homeopathic practice, clinical experiences and thought, were many schools and forms of therapeutics.

Thus Homeotherapeutics comprises the treatment of disease by using similar or like means. Disease is to be be understand as a state of condition which departs from homeostasis: the ability or natural tendency of an organism or cell to maintain internal equilibrium by adjusting its physiological processes.

This book covers:
- History of Homeopathy
- Nutrition
- Religious therapeutics
- Toxicology
- Palpation point diagnostics of Weihe
- Evolutionary Biology
- Flower Essences
- Radionics
- Bioenergetics
Title: Electric and Electromagnetic Healing
Author: Prof.(Dr. of Med.) Charles McWilliams
Type: Printed
Price (CAD): 44.63

Description: The Revolution of Galvanism & the Violet Ray - A synergistic modality that assists in all remedial therapies without surgery or drugs. The Iontobath is the missing element in the mineral nutrition based on over one hundred years clinical research.

Popular medicine, that focused on chemistry and drugs, has long ignored the properties of electricity as a healing agent.

In view of all this it seems itself a curious fact that there has never been any systematic gathering of all the facets of medical electricity, both ancient and modern, which is why this book was written. it would have been most natural that numerous encyclopedias should spring into existence in response to such a persistently dominant interest.

This volume appears to be the first thorough attempt to classify and epitomize the literature of this subject. It has been my purpose to briefly summarize and arrange in order the records of the most curious and typical forms of medical electricity that are found in medical literature of all ages.
Title: Your Cure for Cancer only skin deep!
Author: Prof.(Dr. of Med.) Charles McWilliams
Type: Printed
Price (CAD): 43.00

Description: The only Self-Help Guide to make alterative cancer therapies work for YOU. A bold revelation of what this century's early naturopaths learned about not only the causes of cancer, but also effective treatments and what you CAN DO NOW to save your life with this vital knowledge. Step-bystep instructions from a world renowned Naturopath, Homeopath, Acupuncturist, and Eclectic. Take Steps to control your life NOW is "purge this vicious disease from your body once and for all."
Title: Essential Atlas of Anatomy & Physiology (2 books)
Author: Parramón Studios
ISBN: 9780764118333
Type: Printed
Price (CAD): 53.98

Description: The human body—with all of its parts, organs, and functions—is shown in detailed, scientifically correct full-color illustrations. Fifteen separate sections examine both male and female bodies as follows: Human cell structure... General anatomical features ... Skeleton and musculature ... Digestive system ... Respiratory system ... Circulatory system ... Blood ... Lymphatic system ... Nervous system ... Sensory organs ... Urinary system ... Genital organs ... Human reproduction ... Endocrine system ... Immunological system. Hundreds of illustrations make this book a handy home reference.
Title: Aromatherapy for Holistic Therapists
Author: Colin Paddon
ISBN: 978-0-9820318-0-3
Type: Printed
Price (CAD): 49.95

Description: An introduction to Aromatherapy and its use in Holistic Therapy and natural health. This book will help facilitate you to increase your ability to make a difference in this world one patient at a time. Many medical professionals throughout the world are using Holistic or Natural Medicine to enhance their practice, improve their income and become known as a true healer. Welcome to a new thought, called "intent".

The 10 chapters of this course refers to all the body systems including the Anatomy and Physiology plus the diseases and disorders associated with those anatomical functions. Included is an extensive listing of Essential Oils to facilitate the healing of the disease or disorder of each body system.

Book Included in Aromatherapy for Holistic Therapists Certificate Course.
Title: Reflexology for Holistic Therapists
Author: Colin Paddon
ISBN: 978-0-9820318-2-7
Type: Printed
Price (CAD): 29.26

Description: This comprehensive book covers the amount of knowledge needed to become competent in the art and science of Reflexology.

Theory/Skill Objectives are:

- Introduction to Holistic Health Care
- Legal Aspects of Using Reflexology
- Health & Hygiene
- General Anatomy of the Feet
- The Underlying Causes of Illness
- Foot Disorder the History of Reflexology
- Relaxation Methods
- Systematic Treatment Procedure
- Case Studies and Record Keeping
- Essential Oils and Creams
- Setting up a Business

Book Included with Reflexology for Holistic Therapists Certificate Course.
Title: Reading Faces, East and West
Author: Prof.(Dr. of Med.) Charles McWilliams
Type: Printed
Price (CAD): 38.85

Description: Your guide to the ultimate therapeutics in Beauty and Esthetics - The only way to naturally remove the cause of facial wrinkles, rebalance facial symmetry and brain coordination, without surgery or drugs. The Jade facial is the missing element in natural esthetics based on twenty years clinical research by the author.

Content includes:
- Reading faces from Ancient China
- Reading faces from Earliest Times in the West
- What is Beauty
- Duchenne's Electrodiagnosis of the Face
- The muscles of Facial Expression
- Right Brain - Left Brain Facial Control
- Bi-Countenance Images Reveal our Two Selves
- The Chinese Acupuncture Face Lift
- Hemispheric Coordination & the Dream Machine
- Homeopathy & Esthetics
- Finding the Sounds and Colors for You
- The Golden Rule
Title: Raindrop Essential Oils Kit
Author: D. Gary Young
Type: Printed
Price (CAD): 250.00

Description: Raindrop Technique combines the art of aromatherapy with the techniques of Vita Flex and massage in the application of essential oils to various areas of the body. This collection provides a revolutionary means of bringing balance and harmony to the body - physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Contains: Seven Single Oils (5ml bottles): Thyme, Basil, Peppermint, Oregano, Wintergreen, Cypress and Marjoram. Two Oil Blends (5ml bottles): Valor & Aroma Seiz. Also contains one 8-oz. bottle of Ortho Ease Aromatherapy Massage Oil and one 8-oz. V-6 Enhanced Vegetable Oil Complex.

The Raindrop collection also includes an instructional DVD and mini brochure that teach you how to perform the Raindrop Technique on others.
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