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Esoteric Therapies Diploma Program

Diploma Code: ESO100
Title: Diploma in Esoteric Therapies
Tuition (CAD): 3995.00

Duration: 560 hrs.
Next Start: Ongoing Please Inquire
Class Time: 9:00 am - 5:00 pm
Location: Unionville


This program will provide a firm foundation for creating a powerful practice as an Esoteric Practitioner. The courses includes instruction and practical application of at least three specific energy based healing techniques that you can integrate into your current practice or use as the basis for starting a new practice.

This program is based on the principles of Neuro-Linguistic Programming and the Ancient Hawaiian Science called Huna. Course content and training draw on concepts, techniques and practices from these and other energetic and spiritual healing traditions. Each module builds on the previous ones, giving the students the opportunity to seamlessly integrate all of the learnings into her or his personal life and professional practice.

This is an intensive program which requires a daily commitment to self-evaluation and self transformation. Throughout the course students will experience major shifts on a daily basis in how they perceive reality, how they think, how they feel and how they react to their experience of life. These shifts will result in permanent transformation in their way of living. In effect their lives will "become" what they have experienced during this program.



Multiple choice test to be completed after the first eight modules.

Review of assignments between each module.

Final multiple choice test during the last module.

Practical Examination during the last Module.


Fluency in speaking, reading and writing English.

Willingness and ability to perform critical self-examination and assessment and develop flexibility in personal thought patterns and behavior.

A desire to improve positive change in yourself, in others and in the Universe.

A written record of previous education, training and experience to be reviewed by faculty prior to enrollment.

Courses (10)
ID Course Code Title Tuition (CAD) Duration Primary Teacher
96 ESO 101 Introduction to Mind/ Body/ Spirit: 399.50 3 Days Alena Nyvltova
97 ESO 102 Clearing and Cleansing Yourself 399.50 3 Days Alena Nyvltova
98 ESO 103 Perception and Projection 399.50 3 Days Alena Nyvltova
99 ESO 104 Cause and Effect/Cycles and Rhythms 399.50 3 Days Alena Nyvltova
100 ESO 105 Introduction to Energy Modalities - Endocrine Activation 399.50 3 Days Alena Nyvltova
101 ESO 106 Introduction to Energy Modalities- Working with the Elements 399.50 3 Days Alena Nyvltova
102 ESO 107 Introduction to Energy Modalities- Kahi Loa Energetic Massage 399.50 3 Days Alena Nyvltova
103 ESO 108 Managing yourself as a healer 399.50 3 Days Alena Nyvltova
104 ESO 109 Practicum 399.50 3 Days Alena Nyvltova
105 ESO 110 Final Examination and Completion 399.50 3 Days Alena Nyvltova
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