Articles on Wellness

Title: Acupuncture Session Procedure
Source: Paul Henderson

The purpose of acupuncture is to balance the energy of the body by increasing the energy or decreasing the energy through the correct combination of acupuncture points.

Title: The Protein – Salt Overload
Source: ICNH

Our industrial world has provided us with modern conveniences as well as new diseases. Not known to many is that the leading disease is obesity.

Title: Lemon juice offsets cancer
Source: ICNH

Dr. Kato says anyone can benefit from the cancer preventing power of lemon juice either by squeezing the juice directly on foods, or by making lemonade to drink with meals.

Title: A Healthy Terrain - HERBAL MEDICINE
Source: DR. EARLE SWEET D.C. M.H. D.N.M.

It seems to me that any attempt to improve health without fixing terrain first will become a classic example of symptom suppression by modern western medicine.

Title: Electro- Dermal-Screening
Source: DR. EARLE SWEET D.C. M.H. D.N.M.

Terrain, the chemistry of cells and the energy of cells can now be tested, understood, and BALANCED correctly.

Title: Your world in 2015

Healing is less about battling disease and more about cooperating with our own bodies. Every body wants to be healthy. And given the right circumstances people can heal themselves.

Title: Orthomolecular Nutrition - The Medicine Of The Future Is Here
Source: Dr James Meschino DC, MS, ND

Emerging scientific research has produced compelling evidence that nutrition practices, exercise, lifestyle factors, and the use of specific nutritional supplements can significantly influence the rate of biological aging, genetic expression, and the development, prevention or postponement of many degenerative diseases.

Title: The Science and Art of Cold Percolation
Source: DR. EARLE SWEET D.C. M.H. D.N.M.

I would like to take this opportunity and explain about the laboratory at C.I.H.S and to elaborate on the processes utilized in the manufacturing of modern herbal medicine used and taught at the school.