A Healthy Terrain


One of the things that seems to be apparent after 50 years in practice, is that there are three aspects to clinical practice involving the physical body of the patient.
  1. Terrain must be in perfect working order.
  2. The chemistry of the cells must be balanced and correct.
  3. The energy of the cells must be balanced and correct.

I will try to explain terrain theory in simple terms. The complete explanation is best dealt with in the book “Terrain is Everything,” by Susan Stockhorn.

In essence, terrain theory states that if you wish to grow many types of cacti, you need to have access to a desert because cactus will not flourish on a mountain side.

If you destroy all the cacti in a patch of desert and come back to the area 2-3 years later, you will not find pine trees growing since pine trees cannot grow in the desert. What will be there once you return will be cactus plants because cacti grow in the desert. 

What does this observation teach us? First, if nothing changes terrain, what was growing before will be the same overgrowth on subsequent visits. If cactus can grow in a desert, by its nature it will renew its place in the desert, because nothing has changed and it can do that.

As proof of this truth, if a human body can be compared to a large apartment building, both are complex and have a number of integral parts or organs.

If the building has an elevator or escalator which doesn’t work, but to a trained mechanic appear to be in good working order, one must look at the electrical circuitry to determine if the circuit breakers have been tripped. Terrain has been changed due to lack of electricity. 

In the human body, if the nervous system is conducting less nerve impulses, or more nerve impulses than normal terrain is being changed. When terrain is normal, the working immune system aids us in not becoming infected. When the immune system is not up to par, or medically immune suppressed, (as is standard procedure for organ transplants) the body becomes infectable first and infected second.

Since there are no cells in the human body that are not influenced by the nervous system, any terrain changes leave the body open to opportunistic microorganisms. 

It seems to me that any attempt to improve health without fixing terrain first will become a classic example of symptom suppression by modern western medicine.

If the nervous system is working properly, terrain can be healthy and so is the person. Without this all important structure being healthy, all the best Dr’s advice is to no avail.